13-Year-Old Teen Digs Herself Out Of Grave After Rapists Bury Her Alive

A young girl was raped and then buried alive by her attacker. She regained consciousness while underground and dug herself out of the grave to freedom.

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The teenager was attacked in the Toba Tek Singh area of Punjab, Pakistan.

The 13-year-old was kidnapped while walking to Koran lessons from her local village in Punjab and raped by the men in an isolated area.

Her attackers then buried her alive when they thought that she had died during the assault. But she regained consciousness and managed to dig her way out of the muddy grave and flag down a passerby.

She was buried alive and left for dead after being snatched while on her way to Koran class in the Toba Tek Singh region of Pakistan.

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She was taken to a medical centre and survived her horrific ordeal

The young girl clawed through the mud and yelled at passers-by until someone took her to a nearby health clinic.

Her distraught dad then went to the police seeking justice for his daughter. But the cops initially refused to investigate.

It wasn’t until the Lahore High Court Chief Justice got involved that police started looking into the dad’s allegations. The cops were instructed to arrest the rapists and submit a report to the court as soon as possible.

Survivors of sexual abuse participate in a women’s rights rally in Pakistan

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Talking about rape is still taboo in many rural areas in Pakistan. But activists there are working to bring the perpetrators of sexual violence to light.

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