Teens Spark Disgust Online After A Photo Of Them Wearing Lewd Pornhub T-Shirts Went Viral

The photo was uploaded by Twitter user @zulfazlirshid on 22 December.

Cover image via Twitter @zulfazlirshid

A photo capturing a group of teenagers wearing lewd-designed t-shirts is going viral on Twitter, sparking outrage and disgust from netizens

In the photo, four Malaysian teens are seen dressed in t-shirts bearing the logo of pornographic website Pornhub.

The clothes contain graphics of naked women and a character wearing a gag ball. The lady parts are merely covered with text blocks.

At the time of writing, the post published on 22 December has garnered over 4,500 likes and 3,400 retweets.

The twitter user who shared the photo, nicknamed Falzi, condemned the teens for wearing the clothes in the viral tweet

"The teens of this generation. With pride, they assert themselves as the most hipster kids among all hipsters in this century," Falzi wrote sarcastically.

When a curious netizen wondered whether their mothers got angry while washing these t-shirts, Falzi wittily responded that it is pointless to wash them because, "clothes that are dirty (in nature) can never be cleaned."

It is believed that the teens bought the clothes from an unofficial source as none of the official Pornhub products feature explicit illustrations

Image via Pornhub Apparel

From t-shirts, undergarments, yoga leggings, bags, phone cases, and more, Pornhub official products sold on its apparel store only feature minimalist designs with its logo.

After the post went viral, hundreds of netizens joined the Twitter thread to make fun of the teens and vent their disgust

"They must have left home wearing a different outfit and changed once they were at a different location," a netizen said.

"I bet the teens must have rushed to the door when the postman came because they are afraid of letting their parents or siblings open (the parcels) and find out what they bought," another netizen joked.

"My mom threw my t-shirts away even though they were only skull designs. Needless to say what my mom would do to these (Pornhub t-shirts) if I have them," a Twitter user wrote.

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Some netizens chastised the teens, who are believed to be Muslim, for wearing the inappropriate clothes shamelessly in public.

"They look so proud of wearing Pornhub t-shirts. As a Muslim, I am ashamed," one netizen lamented.

Another netizen asked to check the teens' identification cards to see if they are Muslim, adding that "I am saddened by the (kids of this) generation who don't behave in the Islamic ways."

One Twitter user wrote, "They are tarnishing the name of the religion. And they are disappointing the education their parents provide.

"As parents, please pay attention to what your children do."

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You can read the full Twitter thread here.

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