Tengku Adnan Says BN Posters Are Everywhere To Remind Voters Of The Govt's Contributions

Federal Territories BN chairperson Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor explained why BN has created "blue waves" around the Federal Territories.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Sinar Harian

Today, 22 April, Federal Territories BN chairperson Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor acknowledged that BN may have gone overboard with putting up the party posters ahead of GE14

Image via Malay Mail

"A lot of people said that we are a little bit crazy for putting up posters everywhere," he said at a press conference announcing BN's candidates for the Federal Territories, reported Malaysiakini.

However, Tengku Adnan said that the coalition's actions were justified as it was done to remind Malaysians of BN's contributions towards the country over the years

Image via Malay Mail

"You can notice the whole of Federal Territories, we have created blue waves and we have put up a lots of posters to tell the rakyat not only what we have done for the Federal Territories, but tell the whole nation what has been done by this (BN) government," he told the media at a press conference, reported Malaysiakini.

"A lot of people never realise our population is within five million to seven million. Lots of them are not going to vote in Kuala Lumpur, so we have got to remind them what this government had done," he said.

Some netizens have expressed their displeasure at the sight of BN's flags and posters displayed around the Federal Territories over the past few weeks.

According to the Election Offences Act 1954, it is actually against the law to do so until the campaign period begins.

Image via Malay Mail

Section 24B(4) of the Act provides that, "A candidate or his election agent may, during the campaign period, display, furnish or distribute election campaign materials to members of the public in the constituency in which the candidate seeks election."

The campaign period for GE14 begins on nomination day, 28 April, and ends on polling day, 9 May.

This month, several netizens in TTDI have taken it upon themselves to remove BN flags from the neighbourhood:

On Friday, a video surfaced online of a few monkeys doing the same:

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