Terengganu Man Pretended To Be A Woman To Avoid Getting Caught Filming In Female Toilet

He tried to sound like a woman when he was asked to open the cubicle door in Paka, Terengganu.

Cover image via Gabungan Anak Terengganu (Original)/Facebook

A man was caught secretly filming in a female toilet at a petrol station in Terengganu yesterday, 16 April

He was held by members of the public in Paka, Terengganu at around 9.10pm last night. 

A victim of the man's antics recounted her experience in the petrol station's toilet through a Facebook post, which has garnered over 1,600 shares at the time of writing. 

The victim revealed that her suspicions began after hearing the sanitary pad bin being shifted in the cubicle next to hers

"I looked down and I saw him holding a camera," the woman said in the Facebook post. 

"I went out and I asked my boyfriend to call an employee of the petrol station to open that cubicle door, she added.

The man tried to sound like a woman when he was asked to open the cubicle door

The petrol station employee asking the man to open the cubicle door.

Image via Gabungan Anak Terengganu (Original)/Facebook

However, the man's feet could be seen from under the door while he claimed to be a woman. 

"After getting pressured, he finally opened the door and it was a man after all," the victim recounted.

Despite being caught redhanded, the man denied that he was filming the victim

His phone was then checked by members of the public, and multiple pictures of women were discovered. 

"He started sweating and shaking," the woman said, before adding that women of different races had fallen victim to the man's actions.

"His phone was full of pictures of Chinese and Malay women that were taken in toilets," the victim added.

"In his download folder, (sexual) videos in toilets were also found," she said. 

The woman then expressed relief that she escaped being filmed by the man

She also warned other women to be wary of such incidents.

"Watch out, women... Luckily I wasn't raped or anything," the woman said. 

The Facebook post can be viewed in full here.

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