Terengganu Turtle Egg Sellers Banned On Shopee Thanks To Twitter Uproar

Based on the listing, the seller had already sold 129 eggs.

Cover image via Twitter @ZoologiMY

Shopee recently announced that it is banning all sales of turtle eggs after Twitter users notified them of a seller on its online shopping platform

In a statement released yesterday, 14 May, Shopee Malaysia explained that it will "not tolerate the sale of animal and wildlife products on their platform" as stated in their Prohibited and Restricted Items policy.

"We take stern action against users who don't comply with these standards."

The company stated that it has since removed and banned the turtle egg seller, who had already sold 129 eggs according to a screenshot of the listing

The item was described as "telur penyu original Terengannu" and was being sold for RM7.90 per piece. 

Image via Twitter

Social media and environmentalists caused an uproar over the listing and urged Shopee to screen its customers or risk getting boycotted

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The seller's listing showed five stars with reviews from customers praising their "fast delivery" and "good quality".

Shopee has since encouraged its users to reach out to them if they spot any similar listings on their platform

"Users can reach out to us via the menu circle at the top right hand corner of any product listing and click on the 'Report this product' option."

Alternatively, you can also report illegal products or similar listings to them by emailing [email protected] or call +603-2779222 anytime between 9am and 6pm.

In recent years, all species of turtle egg consumption has been banned in Sabah and Sarawak.

However, in Terengganu, only the sale of leatherback turtle eggs is prohibited.

According to The Star, Terengganu Agriculture, Agro-based Industries, and Rural Development Committee chairman Dr Azman Ibrahim said the state government is looking into ways to amend the law.

"At present, public education and awareness programmes are being implemented focusing on various segments of the society," a source told the news portal.

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