College Graduate Quits Job To Sell Chicken Rice By The Roadside Because He Felt Underpaid

He graduated as a business communications major and just started working this year.

Cover image via KaiJeaw & Surintorn Potiwat (Facebook)

A college graduate in Bangkok, Thailand recently quit his job to sell chicken rice in front of his home after he decided that he was earning too little in the city

According to China Press, his mother took to Facebook to show her support for him and to also encourage her followers to show some support for his new business.

Image via KaiJeaw

The mother wrote that her son had newly graduated with a business communications major this year and found a job when the COVID-19 pandemic began

However, after a few months, she said that she could see him become very unhappy with working in the city and that he was not earning a decent salary, as commuting to work already took a large part of it.

"The average monthly salary for graduates of his major is usually about THB13,000 (RM1,745). However, he is only earning about THB10,000 (RM1,342) every month," she wrote.

"His boss can also only afford to pay him that much due to the current poor economy."

She added that it costs her son about THB200 (RM26) to commute both ways from work and that the daily journey was very tiring.

So, when he decided to resign, she gave him her full support

"I supported my son's resignation, especially since recently I saw him coming home every day being so reluctant to talk. I knew he was very unhappy," she wrote.

After having a discussion with her son, she told him to quit and suggested that he help her set a stall outside their home to sell home-cooked food such as chicken rice.

"We will go to the market to buy the ingredients. Then, I will cook while he handles the stall in front of our home."

Image via KaiJeaw

The mother said that she wrote the post so that his business could gain more attention online

"On the first day, he only sold one box. But I hope everyone can come encourage and support my son," she said.

Her Facebook post, which has since been deleted, gained media attention in Thailand and earned much praise from netizens for her support of her son.

In the mother's latest post on Facebook on Sunday, 29 November, she showed that they are still running the home business together.

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