Thai King Dismisses Royal Consort As She Reportedly Tried To Sabotage The Queen

Sineenat had previously attempted to obstruct Queen Suthida from being crowned, and had asked to be appointed to the role instead.

Cover image via Thailand Royal Office/ABC & The Sun

The King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, 67, has stripped his royal consort of her titles, status, and military ranks for being 'disloyal', only three months after she was appointed

Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, 34, was bestowed the title of 'Chao Khun Phra', or royal noble consort, on 28 July, the first woman to be given the rank in nearly a century.

King Vajiralongkorn and Sineenat.

Image via Thailand Royal Office/ABC

According to CNN, Sineenat was a former army nurse who served in the king's royal bodyguard unit, and held the military ranking of major general.

The palace released images and a biography of Sineenat after her appointment as royal consort, including candid and action-packed photos of her aiming a weapon on a firing range, piloting a plane, and even holding hands with the king.

It was a rare and intimate glimpse into the private life of King Vajiralongkorn, also known as Rama X of the Chakri dynasty, reported New Straits Times.

Image via New York Times

Sineenat's appointment as royal consort came only two months after the king's coronation and marriage to the current queen, Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya

King Vajiralongkorn was crowned in May, taking the throne following the death of his father in 2016, who reigned for 70 years.

According to The Star, just days before his coronation, he named the deputy head of his personal bodyguard unit queen.

Queen Suthida, previously a flight attendant, joined the palace guard in 2013 before becoming the commander of the king's security unit. She is now the fourth wife of the monarch.

Queen Suthida was previously deputy head of the king's personal bodyguard unit.

Image via Pattaya Mail

King Vajiralongkorn and Queen Suthida at their wedding ceremony in Bangkok on 1 May.

Image via The Washington Insider

The Thai Royal Household released an official notice yesterday, 21 October, saying that Sineenat had previously attempted to obstruct Queen Suthida from being crowned, and had asked to be appointed to the role instead

Sineenat had breached a code of conduct for courtiers and was "disloyal to the king", the two-page palace statement said, reported ABC.

"Royal Noble Consort Sineenat is ungrateful and behaves in ways unbecoming of her title," the statement said, "She is also not content with the title bestowed upon her, doing everything to rise to the level of the queen."

King Vajiralongkorn and Sineenat.

Image via CNN

"They caused division among the royal servants and led to misunderstanding among the public. These amount to acts of sabotage against the country and the monarchy," the notice said.

"She lacks the understanding of the good traditions of the royal court. She displays disobedience against the king and the queen."

According to CNN, under the King's orders, Sineenat has now been removed from the position of civil servant within the military, and has had all military ranks recalled.

The current king's father, Bhumibol Adulyadej, was greatly mourned after his passing in 2016:

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