That Story About McDonald's Getting Rid Of The Big Mac And Apple Pies? Yeah, It's A Hoax!

It's just one of the countless viral hoaxes that keep popping into your Facebook News Feed.

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When it comes to hoaxes and people falling for them, it seems 2015 is going to be no different than 2014 (SAYS alone debunked over 50 hoaxes last year). As the world welcomed 2015, the Internet went into full panic mode when rumours surfaced that McD's has decided to get rid of both the Big Mac and apple pies.

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Thanks to the story that actually appeared in December 2014 on Daily Buzz Live, several gullible people across the world believed that McDonald's is actually getting rid of their Big Mac, apple pies, and large sizes. However, benefit of the doubt can be given as Daily Buzz Live features both real news stories and satire pieces.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced plans to pare down its menu in an effort to simplify its offerings amid flagging U.S. sales.

On Friday, a website called Daily Buzz Live posted an article with a screenshot of a fake tweet from the McDonald’s account that reads, “It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the Big Mac will no longer be apart of our menu. It is our sincerest apologies.”

Despite the grammatical errors, the post has gone mega viral on social media.

Also the fact that Daily Buzz Live intentionally labelled the said story under the categories "controversial" and "news" but not satire, did a very good job of making people fall for it. However, as this marked screenshot by SAYS shows, the faked McDonald's tweet about the death of the Big Mac is dated 20 December — a FULL ONE DAY AFTER THE STORY ITSELF WAS POSTED.

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After the story was published, here's how people reacted:

In case you need more proof, here's McDonald's confirming on their Twitter account that the said story is just another viral hoax

So, everyone, relax!

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