The Naked Truth Behind That Nude Party In Penang

A group of Singaporeans held a nudist party in a secluded beach in Penang. Read on.

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Six Nudists Deny That Their Nakedness Caused Public Unrest

Four Of The Nudists From The Nude Event Pleads Guilty While Some Deny Charges

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Four participants of the nudist event at a beach in Teluk Kampi pleaded guilty while another six claimed trial in a magistrate court’s here on Thursday. The 10 accused were charged with causing public unrest for stripping down naked in Teluk Kampi beach from 3pm to 6pm on May 30.

Three Nudists Of Penang Nude Sports Event Surrender To Penang Cops

The nudists participants ready for a relay race as seen on five minute video.

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Three more nudists have surrendered, some 24 hours after Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi revealed their details to the press. The three who surrendered were from Chew Tok Hwa, 57, believed to be the organiser, Justin Ang Ji Keng, 24 and Carmen Chan, 27.

A police source said that the trio turned themselves in at the district police headquarters in Balik Pulau on Saturday. Balik Pulau OCPD Supt Lai Fah Hin declined to comment on the matter and said that SDCP Abdul Rahim will hold a press conference soon.

It was reported that 18 so-called naturists, including six women, were caught on video while taking part in a series of nude activities on May 30, which were dubbed the Penang Nude Sports Games 2014. The five-minute video showed the participants naked on the beach in Teluk Kampi while taking part in activities such as body painting, a relay race and a group catwalk.

Police Releases Photos Of Nudists And Arrests One Of Them

The police have detained a female participant known as Chew Tok Hwa.

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Penang police have detained a female participant who took part in the "naked sports event" in Teluk Kampi, Penang National Park. The private music teacher, 34, was picked up at an undisclosed location in the southwest district at 9.55pm Thursday.

He said police have also identified two key persons - retired teacher Chew Tok Hwa, 57, and one Albert Yam, believed to be in his 40s - who were participants and organisers of the nude event labelled as Penang Nude Sports Games 2014.

He also released 15 names or Christian names of the participants. They are Kok Hong (director from Singapore), Albert Yam (organiser from Singapore) and Chew Tok Hwa (organiser from Malaysia). The Malaysians identified were Carmen Chan, Thomas Kong, Janice, Justin Ang, Michale and Ellen. The foreigners were Terry and Lionel Lau (Singaporeans), Newman and his girlfriend (not identified, both Myanmar nationals), Janes Kumar (India) and Marvin Cuevas (the Phillipines).

Albert Yam, The Nudist Who Filmed The Video Has Also Bared It All In Singapore

Albert baring it all in Singapore.

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It seems that Penang was not the only place where self-styled naturist Albert Yam Kam Hoong strutted in his birthday suit. The Straits Times reported that the Malaysian in his mid-50s has filmed himself in the nude in public places around Singapore such as MacRitchie Reservoir, Changi and East Coast Park. The Singapore daily discovered four videos, ranging from four to ten minutes, which were posted by Yam, all of which depicted him and others baring it all at beaches around the island.

In Singapore, public nudity is a criminal offence. If Yam is charged and found guilty, he could be jailed or fined or both.

Ex-Gerakan Wanita Chief Was One Of The Nudists In The Video

One of the nudists was an ex-Gerakan Wanita chief

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One of the female participants in the “naked sports” event alleged to have been held at Teluk Kampi, Penang was a former Kedah Gerakan Wanita chief, said party deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai.

Party deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai said the woman, who was the wing's chief in the 1980s, was no longer a party member. Her membership lapsed after she stopped paying fees for over 20 years, he said. "I do not know her personally and I did not see the video of the nudist event. Gerakan was queried about her by reporters who somehow found out about her. "I asked Kedah Gerakan to check and it was confirmed that she was a member. She was Wanita chief in Kedah in her 20s. She is from Lunas and is now 54.

Singaporean Nudist Says Nude Party Was To Promote Health

Albert Yam said that the party was to promote a healthy lifestyle and not for sex.

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A Singaporean who is the self-proclaimed "naturist" behind the controversial nude sports video shot in Penang said the event was not sexual in nature and was meant to promote a healthy lifestyle, a Malaysian paper reported.

Albert Yam, a member of a Singaporean naturist group, said he has been living the naturist lifestyle for 25 years and the practice, he stressed, does not prescribe going naked for sexual reasons. “Purely nudism... No sex! We have given talks in Thailand and Singapore... We all are true nudist,” he told Malay Mail Online in a recent interview through Facebook.

Mr Yam, whose name appears at the beginning of the controversial clip, has since changed the video's privacy settings, noting that it has attracted unwanted attention from the media. He said this was to protect his friends, acknowledging Malaysian police have opened investigations on the participants.

Seven Of The Nudists In That Viral Video Are Malaysians

Seven of the nudists were identified as Malaysians

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Police have identified seven Malaysians among the participants of a “naked sports” event, allegedly held in Teluk Kampi here. Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said Wednesday that of the 15 participants seen in the video entitled “Penang Nude Sports Games”, seven were Malaysian, while four were from Singapore. “The remaining include one person from the Philippines, two from Myanmar, and one from India.

Meanwhile, The Malay Daily Sinar Harian Reported That The Event May Have Been Carried Out In Front Of A Surau

The event may have been carried out in front of a surau.

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The Penang Nudist Sports Games 2014, which has created a stir and prompted police investigations, may have been carried out in front of a surau, Sinar Harian reported today.

The paper sent its own reporters to scout out Teluk Bahang, where the illegal activity allegedly happened, and deduced from the video that it happened at Teluk Kampi.

A 5-minute Video Showcasing An Alleged Nudist Party Has Been Making Rounds On The Internet

A video depicting a nudist party has been making rounds on the Internet.

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A video purportedly depicting Singaporeans organising a “nude sports games” on a secluded part of Penang island is beginning to make its rounds and has set tongues wagging.

Apparently, a 5-minute odd video depicting a “nude sports games” in Penang had made its rounds on the interwebs. It was first uploaded to Vimeo, showcasing 18 nudists aka “naturists” frolicking and taking part in physical activities out in the open.

The Video Depicted Nudists Who Are Believed To Be Singaporeans Taking Part In Activities Such As Nude Relays, 'Body Swimming' As Well As 'Kettlebell' Exercises

Nude relays were one of the events lined up for the day.

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The event kicked off with participants body painting each other after stripping down before going for a 2km walk and skinny dipping. The group professes to be nature lovers and nudists.

We’re talking, racing each other, performing kettle bell exercises, and even some straddling of one another – all in their respective “birthday suits”.

Among others, the event participants were seen racing one another in the nude, performing kettle bell exercises around a campfire and a “Gangnam-style horse dance” where a woman straddles a man on his back as he walks forward.

According To The Video Description, The Group Had The Entire Beach To Themselves And Even Had Permission From The Park Ranger To Hold The Nude Event

The group apparently had consent from the park ranger about the event.

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It was uploaded by a one "Albert" (whose name appeared in Korean characters), who also gave a lengthy description of the event. He claimed that the group was allowed to hold their event at the area by a ranger stationed at the park.

The exact location of the beach was also not specified, though the summary claimed that the group took a boat ride out of Teluk Bahang Jetty to reach a “secret beach that is located around the back” of Penang island. A park ranger taking care of the beach had also allegedly granted clearance for the event, according to the summary.

A park ranger taking care of the beach had also allegedly granted clearance for the event, it seems.

The older video also implied that the park rangers in charge of the beach had agreed to allow the event, even including photos of a few people believed to be the rangers having a discussion with the Games organisers.

Nudism Is Illegal In Malaysia But Checks Online Revealed That There Are Small Communities Of Nudists Around

Nudism is illegal in Malaysia but there are small communities that are present in the country.

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The "nude games" in Penang were also mentioned on Wikipedia under the topic "List of social nudity places in Asia", which states that the inaugural event in Penang took place on May 30 and was organised by one "Ms Chew".

The list further states that "nudists are mostly located in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru".

"Malaysia has many beautiful and quiet places. The islands and waterfalls are the more popular places for discreet nudists. A Malaysia Nudism Website was set up in 2010, the objective has been to bring all the Malaysian nudists together," said an entry on the website.

Meanwhile, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng Has Denied That The State Allows Such Activities And Will Be Investigating The Matter

Lim Guan Eng has called on authorities to investigate the matter.

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There will be no nude beaches in Penang, said a shocked Lim Guan Eng today, following a viral video clip featuring 18 naturists engaging in fun and games in Teluk Bahang. The Penang Chief Minister said the state would not allow any nudist activities to thrive and called on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

“One thing is for sure, Penang does not even allow a casino, so how can we allow such an illegal activity to be held? “If it is found that the individuals are Muslims, then the state religious authorities will look into it, but if they’re non-Muslims then the matter should be investigated by the police,” he said at a press conference earlier today.

Social Media Reactions Are Mixed On The Issue, Ranging From Being Outraged To Amused

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The Video Has Since Been Removed Or Set To Private By The User But Many Copies Of The Video Are Searchable Online

The video has since been removed by the user.

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The video on Vimeo has either been taken down, or has been set by the user to Private. If you haven't yet seen the video, consider this one bullet you've probably dodged.

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