The Nude Tourist Who Insulted Sabahans Was Never Actually In Malaysia To Begin With...

Emil Kaminski spills the 'Naked Truth'.

Cover image via Monkeetime

Emil Kaminski, a Canadian mountain climber, is believed to be one of the 10 trekkers who disrobed on Mt. Kinabalu and triggered, as deemed by Malaysian authorities and locals, the 6.0-magnitude quake that rocked the Mt. Kinabalu on Friday, 5 June. Of the 10, four trekkers accused of taking nude photographs on Mt. Kinabalu have been jailed for 3 days from date of arrest and fined RM5,000 each.

Image via Emil Kaminski

However, it turns out, Emil Kaminski was not part of the 10 trekkers. In fact, he was not even in Malaysia when all this was happening! In other words, the Canadian nudist has been faking it since the start!

Image via Monkeetime

In a video titled "Mt. Kinabalu - The Naked Truth," Emil reveals that none of the photos of him being shared online are actually from Malaysia, and "most importantly", he says, "I wasn't even in Malaysia at the time," adding, "I did not claim to be in Malaysia at the time."

Image via Monkeetime

Emil, who runs travel blogging site Monkeetime, said that he was merely "trolling" the people of Malaysia. Describing the "virtual experience" in the YouTube video, he said he got "flared up" by politicians blaming the tourists for an earthquake that killed 18. Watch the full video here as Emil reveals how he faked it all:

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