You Can Still Vape Without Nicotine In Eateries Despite The 2019 Smoking Ban

The government has yet to look into drawing up a law to control vaping.

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Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye revealed that the new ban against smoking in eateries, set to come into effect from 1 January 2019, will not be extended to all kinds of vaping

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"Only vape which contains nicotine is considered illegal," he told reporters at the launch of a health programme at Aeon Klebang, Malay Mail reported.

As for vaping of non-nicotine products, he explained that, "At the moment, there is no law against that."

While vaping without nicotine is excluded from the ban, the minister said that the government will eventually look into drawing up a new law to control vaping

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"Our focus now is to legislate tobacco control and smoking activities. When that legislation is approved, then there may be a way to regulate the vaping activities as well," he explained.

The smoking ban includes all air-conditioned and open-air restaurants, coffee shops, hawker centres, and street stalls. Read more about it here:

A proposal for designated smoking areas in restaurants has since been turned down by the government: