There Is New Evidence On The Singaporean Couple Who 'Dumped' A Baby In Taiwan

Blood samples found in the hotel room matched the baby girl's DNA.

Cover image via Taiwan English News

Blood samples of a woman have been found in a hotel room linked to the newborn baby who was recently 'dumped' in a garbage bin by a Singaporean couple

Recent investigations revealed that the man was staying at a hotel room in Wanhua area, where bloodstains and hair were found in the bathroom that matched the baby's DNA.

The new evidence was brought to light by Taiwanese police today, 4 March, according to The Straits Times.

The baby was found, with her placenta and umbilical cord still intact, wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a garbage bin last Wednesday, 27 February.

Police believe that the baby was abandoned by the couple shortly after her birth on 26 February.

The 24-year-old woman and her 23-year-old boyfriend flew to Taiwan on 19 February and returned to Singapore on 26 February

According to CCTV footage, the man was seen dumping the baby into a black plastic bag and throwing it into a kitchen waste container at around 3am on 26 February.

The waste was then transported to a recycling factory where an employee discovered the baby girl's body the following day, 27 February.

An autopsy will be conducted on 5 March to determine if the baby was a stillborn or died after birth, Taiwanese English News reported.

Location where the child's body was found.

Image via United Daily News

The couple appeared to have returned to Singapore on the same day as the baby's birth

Neighbours told Shin Min Daily News that the woman's stomach had grown bigger over the past few months. However, eye witnesses claimed that her belly had later reduced in size.

Image via China Press

Shin Min Daily News previously reached out to the male suspect who denied that his girlfriend was pregnant and had given birth in Taiwan. The girl also denied it and claimed that she would not have been allowed on the flight if she was.

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