There Is No End To This Malaysian Father's 22-Year-long Search For His Stolen Son

"I just want to meet him at least once and this is my one and only wish."

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Last Friday, in April, we told you about a mother whose search for her kidnapped son finally came to its happy end, after 22 years of her looking for him. However, in what appears to be a complete contrast to that story, a Malaysian father - who got seprated from his only son two decades ago - is still searching for him, desperately.

The father with a photograph of his son.

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The way Chong Yoon Fatt lost his son Alexandra Chong Fou Onn would make you want to blame him. But how was he to know that in his times of desperation he was trusting the wrong person?

Back in 1994, when he was visiting his imprisoned wife in Kota Baru, he had brought his 18-month-old son along with him.

"After visiting her, I was looking for accommodation when I came across the owner of a bread stall and asked the man to look after my son. However, the next day, when I went to get my son back, he refused to return him," NST's Michele Ng quoted him as saying.

Chong, who repeatedly visited the man to get his son back or find out his son's whereabouts, had left his son and a bag filled with baby necessities as well as his son's birth certificate with the man

The man who was in his 50s when Chong had entrusted him with keeping his son, claimed that he did not know anything about the boy, Chong said recalling the ill-fated day 22 years ago.

However, after his wife went to question him about their son after she had finished her sentence, he finally told her that he had given their son away.

Since then, the father, who earlier used to live in KL, has been desperately searching for his son, going to and fro from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Baru. Chong now lives in Malacca with his wife.

"Since the day, I lost my son in 1994, I have been going to Kota Baru to look for the man and my son during every festive season and public holiday.

I want my son to know that both, my wife and I did not give him away or sell him; instead, he was stolen from us. We had not given up searching for him," NST's Michele Ng quoted him as saying.

Chong insists, strongly, that they love their son very much.

However, there may be some good news for Chong

Michele reports that Chong recently found out that his son was adopted and had his name changed to Teoh Chia Ting. He is believed to be residing in Kuantan. The NST reporter has also shared a number - in case anyone has any information.

Contact the Barisan Nasional Service Centre (Pembela BN) hotline at 1-300-22-2352.

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