There's A Fake Tabung Harapan Malaysia Fund Account Number That's Circulating Online

Be careful.

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While Malaysians are going out of their way to donate money to Tabung Harapan Malaysia to help offset the country's RM1 trillion debt, there are those who are trying to fool members of the public

There are posters being circulated on social media platforms including WhatsApp of Tabung Harapan Malaysia fund bearing an account number that actually doesn't exist.

The posters with the non-existent account number are identical to the official Tabung Harapan Malaysia poster published by the Finance Ministry on its Facebook page.

This is a poster that's circulating with the wrong account number:

If you are donating money into the trust fund's account, please make sure to double check the account number and other details

Here's the genuine Tabung Harapan Malaysia account number:

5660 1062 6452

Meanwhile, the Maybank account number is listed under "Tabung Harapan M'sia" account name and accepts donations only in ringgit, reported The Star Online.

The Finance Ministry would lodge a police report

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has said that the Ministry would lodge a police report against anyone who attempted to take advantage of the goodness of the public.

The fund, which is managed by the Finance Ministry, has received RM18.6 million in donations from the public as of 3pm Friday

The Finance Ministry has announced that the contribution is tax-deductible for individuals and companies, and there is no limit to the tax deduction.

All money collected will be audited and will only be used to reduce the federal government's RM1 trillion debt, reported NST Online.

Meanwhile, earlier today, residents of Taman Yarl, OUG, organised a neighbourhood car wash and raised RM4,000 for the trust fund:

Neighbourhood car wash raises RM4,000 for Tabung Harapan

A neighbourhood car wash run by the 80-odd houses in Taman Yarl, OUG, today raised RM4,000 for #TabungHarapanMalaysia, a fund aimed at alleviating national debt. Full story on #TheMalaysianInsight:

Posted by The Malaysian Insight on Saturday, 2 June 2018

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