These 17 Dogs In PJ Need To Be Adopted Or They Will Be Put Down

You can also foster them temporarily.

Cover image via Instagram @drmaineo & PetFinder

17 dogs are in need of new home immediately or might end up being euthanised soon

In an Instagram post yesterday, 2 June, Dr Mai Neo urged dog lovers to help foster or adopt the dogs, who were captured by Shah Alam City Council (MBSA).

"They are now at PAWS and will be put to sleep whenever the vet is available," she wrote.

According to her post, among the dogs available for adoption are four puppies, who are currently at the shelter in Petaling Jaya

The person in contact with PAWS, Yvonne, has been feeding the dogs and only managed to save three so far.

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Image via Pet Backer

You can either adopt or help her temporarily foster the dogs as she continues to look for a permanent home for them

If you're interested and have enough space, contact Yvonne at +6011-12335456.

She will then help to pay the fine to get the dogs out of the shelter.

Living in a condo may not be an issue if you're looking to adopt a pet:

Meanwhile, take note of the types of human food you can and cannot give to your dogs:

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