These Vietnamese Soldiers Prove That There Is More Than 1 Way To Use Sanitary Pads

They bring honour cleanliness to us all.

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A social media post about a group of innovative military men using sanitary pads in Vietnam has been circulating the Internet recently... but it's not for the reasons you might think

Image via Yuxuan.FC

The post, which was uploaded on Sunday, 12 August, showed photos of the men using sanitary pads to line the soles of their military boots.

Though it might sound strange to the layman, there is quite a reasonable explanation for the practice.

Image via Yuxuan.FC

It is believed that the sanitary napkins are able to reduce bad foot odour and rid bacteria during the soldiers' training

Sanitary pads have long been used to reduce excess sweat - some people even used them under their armpits

According to Sora News, a Chinese entrepreneur once set up a business selling sanitary pads to male students who were about to attend military training. It was a way to reduce odour and "stinky feet germs".

Image via Yuxuan.FC
Image via Yuxuan.FC

This is not the first time soldiers have used sanitary pads for themselves

In fact, disposable sanitary pads were initially created to help save wounded soldiers from excessive bleeding on the battlefield. 

It was only later when nurses who served during wartime started to use sanitary pads for their menstrual cycles.

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As the saying goes, "If it looks stupid but works, then it isn't stupid."

You do you, soldiers.

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