This Armless Man Was Denied A Housing Loan Because He Couldn't Provide Fingerprints

Wu Jianping lost his arms after receiving a severe electric shock when he was five.

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An armless man in Zhengzhou, China, was denied a loan for his wedding flat by multiple banks, not because of poor credit history, but because of his lack of arms

Wu flipping the pages of a book with his feet.

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According to People's Daily Online, 25-year-old Wu Jianping lost his arms after receiving a severe electric shock at the age of five.

Gradually, he managed to cope with the loss and was able to read and write using his mouth.

But when Wu went to several banks to apply for a housing loan, he was rejected because he was unable to be fingerprinted

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Wu submitted a housing loan application with several banks on 14 November. He was hoping to buy an apartment to live in with his fiancee after their wedding.

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However, bank employees argued that without fingerprints, a mere signature would not be legally binding.

Wu's encounter soon went viral on Chinese social media channels. Many pointed out that it is unreasonable to demand fingerprints given the circumstances.

Wu signing the papers of his housing loan.

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Pretty quickly, the banks changed their minds and decided to help Wu out with his loan. He was able to apply for the loan with a signature.

At the same time, Zhengzhou's housing management bureau has stated that a special path for those with special needs is available to help people like Wu.

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