This BN Assemblyman Criticised His State Govt. Now, He Is Being Told To Resign!

Paying the price for speaking the truth?

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It appears there's no room for criticism in Malaysian politics

Ghazali Taib, while speaking to the Media on Tuesday, 2 August, had criticised the Terengganu state's leadership, under Ahmad Razif, as non-functioning. The Ajil Assemblyman also said that UMNO's top leadership must take immediate action to resolve what he considered as a 'crisis' in the state administration.

Ghazali is also the State Communications and Multimedia Committee Chairman.

Ghazali, a UMNO loyalist, while speaking about his criticism of the state government, said it was intended to ensure the people felt the effectiveness of the UMNO and BN leadership in Terengganu state

"As the people’s elected representative who listens to their voice, it is my responsibility to pass on the message so that the state and its government are respected. The advice and criticisms are made because this is a government for the people, so the people want perfection for the best service," Ghazali told reporters after the state executive council meeting in Kuala Terengganu on 3 August, insisting that his criticism of the Terengganu state Government was intended for the good of UMNO.

However, the Terengganu State Executive Council member's criticism of his state government intended for the good of UMNO doesn't seem to have gone well with his own party's Wan Abdul Hakim Wan Mokhtar, who has advised him to resign as State Exco

Wan Abdul Hakim, who is UMNO Terengganu Liaison Information Bureau Chairman, while speaking to Bernama, said that every State Executive Council (Exco) member must bear collective responsibility, reported The Malay Mail Online.

"He (Ghazali) must take equal responsibility if the state government fails to function as alleged and explain to the public where it has failed. From what I can see, everything is normal and going on smoothly," the Information Bureau Chairman added.

Defending his call for Ghazali to resign, Wan Abdul Hakim, who is Air Putih state Assemblyman, said that it was a best thing to do so

"Ghazali is a state government councillor, in the main group of policy makers and implementers. Why criticise the government under Ahmad Razif's leadership as non-functioning, when he himself is in the government? It means that he has also failed. He must explain what is it that is not functioning because he said it in general, which is confusing," he told reporters at the Cukai constituency Aidilfitri gathering.

He said that while criticisms can be made during the Exco meeting or a closed door meetings with the CM, Ghazali needs to be sincere when using the people as a reason to criticise the CM openly

Terengganu CM Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman, whom Ghazali criticised.

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In case Ghazali is made to resign, it wouldn't be a first in the BN government. Back when former Deputy PM Muhyiddin broke his silence on the 1MDB scandal, he was kicked out from PM Najib's Cabinet Reshuffle. Maybe this is why the Melaka State Government only hires less qualified civil servant?