This Female Tourist Had To Endure The Most Terrifying Bus Ride From KL To Singapore

The 5-hour journey took a horrible turn when the driver asked where the lone passenger wanted to be dropped off.

Cover image via Facebook/ Mónica Torrejón Majluf

"Last night I went through one of the most terrifying experiences of my life."

Those were the first few words uttered by Mónica about her traumatising experience from a bus ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

Image via Delima

Mónica Torrejón Majluf posted a status on Facebook on 29 May, detailing her ride with a Delima bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on Tuesday, 28 May.

The young traveller's harrowing night began when she boarded the bus on 28th May. She was the only passenger in the bus that night.

"The trip lasted around 5 hours and I was sitting about 10 rows back. The bus had the lights switched off since it was night time," wrote Mónica on her Facebook status.

It was around 2am when they reached Singapore at which point the driver had apparently asked her where she would like to be dropped off. The situation took an ugly turn when she walked over to him to speak about it.

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Image via Deviant Art/Greyhound-bus

"He then stopped the bus, and asked if I was alone, if I didn't have any friends, got up and followed me to the back where I was sitting and said to me, 'You sleep here, in bus with me'," read the status.

Assuming that his verbal advances were merely the words of an innocent elderly man "trying to be funny or sweet", Mónica explained how she just smiled in response and went on to tell him her drop-off location.

"He then started telling me 'you're cute, you sleep here, you're cute, you sleep here with me, kiss me, kiss me', repeatedly."

He allegedly made things worse when he sat by her in the dark bus and started touching her everywhere, trying to kiss her. The elderly bus driver was forcing himself on Mónica.

Terrified by the growing advances of the driver, Mónica wrestled and pushed him away with all her might. She was afraid, sexually harassed and all alone.

Thankfully, Mónica's quick thinking and force got him to stop trying to hurt her.

"I know I felt violated to have my body touched in such a forceful and unwanted way, but I feel lucky that he left me alone and I believe it was only because of God's grace he gave up, went back to his seat and nothing else happened to me," said Mónica.

"I asked him to let me out and he wouldn’t so I asked a bit more sternly to let me off the bus and said 'let me out!' as he continued to say 'you sleep here, you sleep here with me' and asking me to sit closer to him."

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Image via Flickr/Tobias Wrzal

The nightmarish journey finally ended when the bus driver decided to drop Mónica at an unknown location.

She later found out that the place where he dropped her off was a dangerous neighbourhood that also served as a prostitutes' hangout spot.

Thanking god for her narrow escape, Mónica was grateful that she found a taxi and got back home safely

Wanting to make sure that no one goes through the same horrible encounter that she went through with Delima Singapore's bus driver, Mónica took a photo of him and posted it along with the status on Facebook.

"So wherever you are traveling alone, beware of this man and of this bus company," reminded Mónica.

"I was lucky, but perhaps others haven’t been or won’t be in the future if they find this man along their way, so please share this so no one is ever put in this horrible and terrifying situation ever again."

The bus driver that allegedly tried to inappropriately touch and harass Mónica

Image via Facebook/ Mónica Torrejón Majluf

Mónica's Facebook post has already been shared for 5,233 times as of now, 5:36pm, 3 June. Comments have been pouring in, with people expressing their concern and support

Monica responded to the support messages on her status by thanking her friends and informing that she is currently working on reporting the incident to the bus company and the police on 30 May, Monday.

Responding to Mónica's report, Delima Singapore Pte Ltd informed that they have already suspended the said driver, pending internal investigation

Delima posted the statement yesterday, 2 June and have stated that they will inform the public of any information they obtain from the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Singaporean bus service company, KKKL Travel & Tours posted a status earlier today stressing that the driver involved in the incident is not one of theirs

KKKL Travel & Tours posted the status around noon today, 3 June explaining that the driver who drove the KKKL bus that night was someone from a different bus company.

The past week has been abuzz with news of sexual harassment. A local TV presenter narrated her unfortunate experience of meeting a man on a flight who insisted on cuddling her:

Just days before that, a British national admitted to having sexually abused 22 Malaysian kids and a Cambodian child over the span of eight years:

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