This Father's Viral Open Letter To Parents Of #SPM2015 Is Everything A Child Needs

The world could certainly use more parents like Asrul.

Cover image via Asrul/Facebook

The SPM 2015 results are out. While this year 9,721 candidates achieved excellent results (Grade A+, A, A-) in all subjects, the number fell by 0.25 percent from 11,289 candidates in 2014.

As the results were announced, the hashtag #SPM2015 - with thousands of Malaysians tweeting together - trended on top.

However, amidst a torrent of tweets and Facebook updates, one particular post - an open letter from a father to parents of SPM 2015 students - stood out (and went viral) for its very important message

First posted on Facebook and later tweeted, the 'Open Letter' by Asrul Muzaffar Mohammed, who said he wrote it after looking at the anxious, nervous look on the face of one of his daughter's friend who was afraid of how his parents may react to his SPM 2015 results, or how he may disappoint them, draws attention to how a child's future victories are shaped by how parents react to their children's success or failures.

Here's the letter in its entirety:

At the time of writing this, the open letter had been tweeted for more than 2,600 times and had over 400 Likes on Facebook, with hundreds of Malaysians responding positively to it:

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