This Chinese Grandpa's Selfless Act For His Sick Granddaughter Is A Lesson In Civic Sense

This week's Feel Good Friday feature directly from Shanghai.

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These days it's hard to come across people who don't forget basic civic sense even in times of great stress when using public transport

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However, a recent incident involving a grandpa and a little girl that happened inside the Shanghai Metro is a lesson in civic sense for everyone as it shows the personality of a responsible person

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The above photograph showing the grandpa holding his jacket open for his granddaughter to vomit into went viral last week

The old couple and their granddaughter were in Line 8 of the Shanghai Metro with their little granddaughter, who seemed to be suffering from a high fever according to commuters, reported Shanghaiist.

To help her with her fever, her grandparents put a cooling pad on her head. However, after a while, the girl started to feel sicker and felt like throwing up. Just then her grandpa took off his own jacket and held it ready for her to vomit into, therefore sparing the metro train from being dirtied and causing a problem to fellow passengers.

The grandfather's selfless action not only inspired awe and praise from everyone in the metro car, as well from people on social media

Commenting on the news posted on The Paper's site, one social media user said:

"In a closed environment like a metro carriage, it would be difficult for cleaners to come in and clean it if she had thrown up on the floor. I've seen people vomit and spill drinks on the floor in the metro. No one was able to pass by that messy area and it stunk. What this grandfather did minimized the inconvenience for everyone else. We should all be as cultivated. If it were me, I am not sure if I could do the same thing."

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