This Helicopter Pilot Was Lost So He Landed On A Highway To Ask For Directions...

It actually happened.

Cover image via YouTube/Zello Kaz via Mirror

Talk about getting lost

Recently, a Mi-8 military aircraft descended on a snowy highway in Kazakhstan.

The helicopter, carrying four rocket pods, landed in front of a truck convoy.

And the reason it brought the highway traffic to a standstill is because the pilot was lost.

Let this sink in: A helicopter pilot landed on the highway to ask a trucker for directions!

Yep, it really did happen

A crew member approached a truck to ask for directions.

After getting the directions, the pilot sprinted back to the helicopter.

The pilot was asking the way to the north-western city of Aktobe

According to Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence, the pilot had been taking part in a visual orientation exercise when he lost his directions, reported the BBC.

And in case you're wondering how can a pilot not know his directions, you're not alone. A voice on the convoy radio asked just "how someone could get lost in a steppe" (an unforested grassland)

"They were lost," says the voice on the convoy radio, failing to suppress his laughter.

"He came to ask which way to Aktobe. How can you get lost in the steppe? How the hell can you get lost in the steppe?" says another incredulous voice.

And the whole thing was captured on camera

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