"This Is The Real Keluarga Malaysia" — Thousands Show Up At Gurdwara Sahib PJ To Help

The kitchen at the Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (GSPJ) continues to cook up a storm on the fourth day of the flood relief work with the help of Malaysians who have been showing up to volunteer since Sunday, 19 December.

Cover image via Sadho/SAYS

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As floods wreak havoc across several states in Malaysia, thousands of Malaysians — regardless of their race or religion — have been showing up at a local gurdwara in Selangor to help with flood relief work

This SAYS writer has been shadowing the people behind the Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (GSPJ), who have been organising the massive relief effort since Sunday, 19 December.

Speaking to me, a GSPJ representative had earlier shared that they began preparing for the crisis at around 1am on Sunday after they received an alert from another local gurdwara that was flooded.

Since then, the gurdwara has been welcoming volunteers to help aid in its relief effort that has seen more than 40,000 free food boxes being sent to stranded victims across the Klang Valley.

And the flood relief work, on its fourth day, is still going strong.

The way Malaysians have come together to prepare meals for the stranded victims has inspired a massive outpouring of support online

Several photos of people helping at the gurdwara and in the kitchen have gone viral.

The photos of all the different races of people together in one place have prompted many to remind others what a real family looks like when everyone forgets their differences for a common cause.

One of the photos, showing an elderly Malaysian Sikh man cooking, has warmed the hearts of everyone who came across it on Twitter, with hundreds of them sending their prayers for his good health.

The man, Malkith Singh, is in the kitchen from 5am every day.

Malaysians, moved by his selfless act, have fondly started calling him 'Uncle Malkith'. Several of them have also asked for Malkith to be given a Datukship for his effort.

Even Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, the former Kuala Lumpur mufti, showed up at the GSPJ to take stock of the situation and to make a donation

He also helped in the kitchen as volunteers cooked hot meals to be sent out later today.

Meanwhile, there's been a steady flow of people dropping by to donate groceries and daily essentials that are being sent to the victims

The relief effort at GSPJ is expected to go on until Friday

Those looking to volunteer or donate can call the helpline at +6010-2174556.

For more information, please see the poster below:

Meanwhile, you can donate furniture to flood victims here:

The floods have so far claimed 34 lives including a newly-married man:

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