These 4 Parang-Wielding Robbers Messed With The Wrong Husband

Wrong move, robbers.

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When Mohamed Mazis Mohamed Mokhtar was robbed at knifepoint on Tuesday, 27 December, he did something many wouldn't have dared to do.

The 25-year-old gave chase and rammed down the band of robbers on motorcycles.

The Honda that Mazis used to chase down the robbers

Image via InfoRoadBlock JPJ/Polis

Mazis was with his wife and a group of friends in Taman Murni, Parit Buntar, when they were robbed by the group

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According to the New Straits Times, the incident - that happened at around 10.15am - saw one of the robbers placing a parang on the neck of Mazis’ wife and demanded that they hand over all their valuables.

They resisted and a fight broke out that resulted in one of Mazis' friends getting slashed in the head.

The robbers managed to escape on their bikes with some valuables including gold chains and two handbags, but Mazis wasn't going to let the matter rest just like that.

“The robbers managed to grab a bracelet, a couple of gold rings, two handbags and two wristwatches before fleeing on four motorcycles,” he said as quoted by The New Straits Times.

The motorcycles used by the robbers

Image via InfoRoadBlock JPJ/Polis

He got into his car and gave chase, before succeeding in ramming three motorcycles carrying the four robbers at a busy junction in Taman Murni.

After ramming down the robbers, Mazis then apprehended all four robbers with the assistance from several onlookers

One of the robbers being apprehended by onlookers

Image via InfoRoadBlock JPJ/Polis

Kerian police chief Superintendent Omar Bakhtiar Yaacob confirmed the incident and said investigations are still ongoing.

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