Malaysian DJ Alleges Abuse From Ex-BF And Posts Photos Of Her Injuries

Leng Yein's photos show that she has injuries on her head, face, and legs.

Cover image via Leng Yein/Facebook (edited)

Earlier today, 23 March, Malaysian female DJ Leng Yein wrote about her two-year long experience of physical abuse by her ex-boyfriend

In the emotional post, Yein said the man was a lawyer who is "powerful". She alleged that he had been violent towards her in their two-year relationship.

"I had enough," Yein wrote in her lengthy Facebook post, detailing the verbal threats from her ex-boyfriend. Allegedly, her ex had claimed that he could ask his father to kill her and her sister.

"I thought you got better, unfortunately I was very wrong," Yein wrote.

Pictures in the Facebook post suggested that Yein had wounds on the back of her head, as well as bruises and cuts to her face and limbs

Hours before the Facebook post, Leng Yein was seen in a 10-minute live stream video having an argument with the man before she decided to lock herself in a room

According to The Sun Daily, she broke down in tears in the room and pleaded to her three million Facebook followers by posting a status that read "help me". 

However, her hair colour in the pictures in her post did not match the one in the live-stream video.

Leng Yein's post had since gone viral, and attracted comments from two different groups of supporters

There are over 9,000 comments on the post and it has received more than 25,000 shares in the last nine hours.

Most netizens have been expressing their support for Yein, while some others claimed that the blood seen on Yein was "fake" and that she was "doing this for publicity".

Most people who commented on the post stood behind Yein for fighting against the domestic violence she endured. Offering their support, they encouraged her to lodge a police report against him.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

However, a handful of others have claimed that there may be two sides to the story, calling her injuries "staged"

A netizen said he would wait for a statement from the alleged abuser before making any conclusions.

Image via Facebook

"I don't know who you are, but you don't look like a good person," another netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

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