This Malaysian Man Collected Almost Everything MILO Has Ever Made Since The 1950s

His entire 1,000-item collection is on display in his living room.

Cover image via Yusof Ypi Miloman/Facebook

A man has been keeping MILO merchandise for over 15 years in his home in Klang.

And the collection is truly something to behold.

Mohd Yusof Ali, who dubs himself the 'Miloman', began the whole obsession in memory of his late father

The 41-year-old told Malay Mail that his father used to own a sundry shop when he was a kid in the 1980s.

"Suppliers used to drop off MILO goods at our store and we would always get free gifts with the delivery, like pencil boxes and water bottles," he said.

"When I became an adult, I started having a sense of nostalgia for these items so I started collecting them. Now, I have everything from old MILO tins to umbrellas."

Image via Harian Metro

Yusof now owns over 1,000 MILO-related items, with some even dating back to the 1950s

All neatly organised and on display in his living room, the collection consists of mugs, clothes, pins, posters, bags, caps, envelopes, and even a whole cabinet of MILO truck models.

He estimated that he owns 90% of every merchandise ever released by MILO since it came into the Malaysian market 70 years ago.

He also told SAYS that the most valuable item to him in his collection is a rare and antique kopitiam MILO mug that was only produced in the 1950s.

His love for the chocolate malt drink doesn't end just there - he is also currently running a Facebook group for other Malaysian MILO enthusiasts

The group, of which he is the admin, has over 6,000 members. People join to share news of the latest MILO merchandise available in the country, trade items, and also to show off their own personal collections.

While running meet-ups, Yusof has also frequently welcomed friends and guests to his home to view his gallery.

The superfan said he has no plans of giving up his hobby anytime soon

Although the items in the collection may cost him a fortune - he told SAYS that he has spent nearly RM40,000 on his hobby - he said the real worth lies in their sentimental value.

"I probably spent thousands of ringgit on my collection but I don't pay too much attention to the numbers because I feel like these are items you can't put a price on," he said.

Even during the political turmoil in February, a MILO truck could bring us together:

The largest MILO factory in the world is in Malaysia:

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