A Man Died After Accidentally Swallowing A Live Tilapia Fish While Fishing With His Son

He was pronounced dead just 2 kilometres away from the hospital.

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A 49-year-old man in the Philippines died from swallowing a fish while fishing with his son in a river

According to Coconuts Manila, Roger Marcelino had left for Paliwan River which is located nearby his home together with his 11-year-old son.

The incident took place in Barangay (Village) Tagudtud South, Bugasong, Antique Province last week on 30 June.

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Before the incident, the victim and his son went fishing at different parts of the river

According to Roger's wife, the victim's method of catching fish is by using his hands while swimming in the river. 

Whenever Roger catches a fish, he would put it in his mouth to prevent it from escaping while he continues to swim around to catch more fish.

However, an unfortunate accident occurred when the father and the son were in the river at 6.00am on Sunday.

The live Tilapia fish in the victim's mouth was moving vigorously, which made him swallow it

At the time of the incident, the son was not aware of what happened as he was at another corner of the river. 

The wife on the other hand, only found out about the incident when the victim ran to the house to seek for help.

An image of Tilapia fishes

Image via Vice

The wife contacted the ambulance after failing to remove the fish from her husband's throat

Coconuts Manila reported that the river area did not have a strong hotline reception that by the time the ambulance arrived, the victim had already passed out. 

According to the police, the ambulance was just two kilometres away from the hospital when the victim passed away due to lack of oxygen.

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