Thai Man Allegedly Charges People RM25 To Watch Videos Of Dogs Being Sexually Abused

He was arrested by the Thai police on 31 October.

Cover image via The Nation

52-year-old Damrongpol Sanmuang was arrested by the Thai police on 31 October for allegedly running a 'bestiality club' in Chiang Mai

Damrongpol being interviewed by the police at his home.

Image via theSun

According to theSun, he had been running the 'club' for more than a year before being exposed by Thai animal rights activists – Watchdog Thailand.

Damrongpol denied the claim despite having posted a video of himself online having sex with dogs.

(Viewer discretion advised) Here are his social media accounts: 

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damrongpol sanmuang
Image via The Nation
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damrongpol sanmuang
Image via Chiang Rai Times

Watchdog Thailand reported that Damrongpol had invited people to join the 'club' for a fee of THB200 (approximately RM25)

The 'club', named "Bobo", allows members to watch videos of others sexually abusing dogs, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

With extra payment, members could meet and sexually abuse dogs themselves. They will be given 10 dogs to choose from. 

Damrongpol purportedly pretended to be a kindhearted person to adopt stray dogs, before raising them to allow his 'clients' to sexually abuse them.

Thai police have been unable to recover any dogs that are believed to have been sexually abused

The "Bobo" leader added that a dog in one of the videos is now dead as it was "poisoned" by an unknown person.

Another dog, according to Damrongpol, is one of his neighbour's.

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