This Video Of Cockroaches Hidden Inside A Telephone Will Make You Want To Throw Yours Away


Cover image via ViralHog (edit)

A man made a shocking discovery recently when he opened a landline phone and found dozens of massive cockroaches hidden inside it

Warning: Disturbing GIF ahead.

Image via ViralHog

The incident was recorded on 7 January in Sydney, Australia, and uploaded to ViralHog's YouTube the next day. It has over 390,000 views to date.

According to the man, he was working at a house when he found the old phone and decided to inspect it

"[I] thought maybe I should see what's in there as it looked dirty and was not working," it read.

Image via ViralHog

In the comments section, one YouTube user explained a possible reason to the cockroach phenomenon:

Image via ViralHog

Although unverified, she believes cockroaches tend to be attracted to vibrations or telephone sounds.

We know that these insects love hiding in dark, wet places, as an article by The Straits Times in 2018 revealed that wall sockets and telephone receivers are great breeding grounds for them.

Meanwhile, one netizen summed up our sentiments completely:

"Lucky they were dead. It could have been so much worse."

Indeed, Liz. We couldn't agree more.

Image via Giphy

If you're brave enough, you can watch the horrifying video clip below:

In related news, a woman was traumatised when she found cockroaches, dog shit, and piles of trash in her housemate's room:

While this cockroach lived inside a woman's ear for more than a week:

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