Our Nasi Lemak Is So Good, TIME Says Americans Should Eat It For Breakfast

Healthier than sugar-coated cereal!

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Rejoice Malaysians!

Nasi lemak was just named as one of the '10 Healthy International Breakfasts' by TIME Magazine

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Listing down the various components of the staple Malaysian dish, the article described nasi lemak as "supremely delicious"

Soaked and cooked in coconut milk, rice is garnished with anchovies, cucumbers, roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg and spicy sambal sauce. It’s traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf, but that’s just a renewable place setting.

While there's a "bit more fat than is good for you", the article, however, noted that "it's balanced with lots of manganese, protein, and carbs."

"The chili in the sambal also boosts the metabolism," it added, listing the coconut rice dish right above its Indian counterpart.

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Upma, a thick concoction made from dry roasted semolina is popular. The succulent savory flavor infused by the cumin, green chilies, cilantro, and turmeric also contains a range of nutrients. Turmeric in particularly has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Speaking of which, have you tried nasi lemak CHEESECAKE? Yup, no kidding...

Earlier in 2014, Catherine Chin Wan Ping Coombes, an Ipoh-born, won MasterChef Australia by cooking nasi lemak and wanton soup

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