TMJ Accuses Police Special Branch Of Spying On Him Like He Is Some Terrorist

"I have never killed anyone except for Malaysian football."

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In an interview posted on the JOHOR Southern Tigers' fan page on Wednesday, 11 May, when Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was asked if he has "any message for the fans or players"

TMJ went off from the topic of the interview - about the success of the Johor Darul Tazim (JDT) football team, which will be facing the Selangor's PKNS FC in the 2016 FA Cup final this Saturday at the Shah Alam Stadium - and, while expressing puzzlement, claimed that his phone is being tapped and his "movements are monitored".

TMJ accused the Special Branch behind all this, saying such treatments from police are befitting a terrorist, not him as he is "not dangerous". He also alleged that the Bukit Aman police HQ had opened files on him and his father, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

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As posted on the JOHOR Southern Tigers' fan page:

"I don't understand why my phone is bugged. I don't understand why my movements are monitored by the Special Branch. I don't understand why they need a file about me or my father in Bukit Aman. I'm only someone who cares about my people. Not a terrorist. I'm not dangerous. I have never killed anyone except for Malaysian football."

TMJ, who often makes comments on issues related to Malaysian politics, had in October last year claimed Johor has a right to withdraw from Malaysia if it finds a breach of the terms agreed upon its membership of the Federation of Malaya. However, even merely speaking about secession is actually considered seditious.

Is it possible that the allegations TMJ is putting on Bukit Aman are related to his claims about secession? However, there have been no further developments on any of these issues. In view of which, at this point in time, it's unclear as to why the Special Branch is spying on TMJ, as claimed by the Johor Crown Prince.

We will update the story in case there are any developments.


After we published the story at 04:10 PM, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, while speaking to Malaysiakini, said that the whole issue was nothing but a misunderstanding, and it has been cleared

"I had an audience with the crown prince. It was a misunderstanding, and the issue has been cleared. The issue has been settled, and the matter has been explained to the prince," the IGP told Malaysiakini while refusing to elaborate on the matter.

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Meanwhile, speaking of Johor, the southern state is pretty amazing:

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