Tony To AirAsia Staff: "Don't Throw The Bags Anymore, Kiss The Bags"

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It's no secret how check-in luggage is handled at airports

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It's a miracle that your check-in luggage comes to you in one piece after all its been put through by the airport luggage handlers

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Seeing how luggage handling is a universal issue, Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AirAsia, recently asked the airline staff to be extra careful while handling the check-in luggage

In a mobile footage shared on Facebook by one of AirAsia staff, Tony is seen asking his airline staff to "look after bags better, ok?".

He tells them that every day someone complains to him "about bags".

"Please look after bags better. Ok? Every day I got someone emailing me about bags.

"Don't throw the bags anymore, kiss the bags," Tony says in the video that was uploaded on Facebook on Thursday, 15 February.

Posted by Mohd Jefri on Thursday, 15 February 2018

The above video, shot on mobile during what appears to be an internal announcement about leaves, is part of a viral FB post

At the time of publishing this story, the original post had been shared over 5K times.

Speaking of which, check out how airport luggage handlers in Japan do it:

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