Tun Dr. Mahathir Warns Nation On Anwar's Promise.

Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir voiced his opinions on his blog, Che Det, regarding Anwar Ibrahim's "Malaysian Spring" promise. He stated 18 indications on how Anwar will not hesitate to disrupt the country to satisfy his consuming passion on becoming Prime Minister.

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Anwar Ibrahim's "Malaysia Spring" Promise

e have to be prepared because elections in Malaysia are a mockery of the democratic system. The media is controlled and the campaign period is only seven to eight days – the shortest in the world.
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The people are committed to reform. There is a legitimate expectation among the public for them to see that reforms do take place

“Malaysian spring” was already under way in his country and that his opposition movement would win power in any fair forthcoming poll.

“When will the ‘Malaysia Spring’ be? The next elections"

Tun Dr. Mahathir on Anwar's Promise

It is important for Malaysians to really understand what Arab Spring’ or ‘Tahrir Square’ or ‘Occupy Wall Street’ really is.

Najib said BN made promises that it could keep, unlike the Opposition, which only made empty promises to win over voters.

Anwar knows the damage he can cause Malaysia's economy with his massive demonstrations.

Malaysians may be persuaded to vote for his party in order to avoid suffering economically from the demonstrations

The moment I became minister of education in 1974, he organised a student’s demonstration claiming that starvation caused the death of a boy in Baling.

"To him, it doesn't matter if the country is destabilised and regresses economically as long as he gets to be prime minister,"

Tahrir Square tragedy can happen in Malaysia. With the help of foreign fund, they do not have any limit to hire rebels and traitors.

If he organises huge demos everyday in Kuala Lumpur the disruption will not only affect businesses but it will deter investors and tourists from coming to Malaysia.

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