Tun M: "We Are Not Seeking Revenge. We Just Want To Restore The Rule Of Law."

The PH coalition will form the federal government after having secured a simple majority.

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Pakatan Harapan coalition has won the 14th General Election (GE14) with a simple majority to empower them to form the federal government

The PH coalition, which has won 113 Parliamentary seats, more than enough to form a simple majority in Malaysia's 222-seat Parliament, has successfully ended Barisan Nasional coalition's six-decade-long grip on power since Malaysia's freedom.

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In a press conference at 3am Thursday, PH Chairman Tun Mahathir stressed that his new government will not seek "revenge" on Najib Razak, whom he had accused of corruption and abuse of power

"We are not seeking revenge. What we want is to restore the rule of law," he said when asked whether his government will prosecute the UMNO president.

While speaking to a packed ballroom at Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Dr Mahathir, however, added that if anyone breaks the law, including journalists, "they will be brought before the court to be tried", reported Malaysiakini.

Mahathir had yet to be contacted by Najib Razak on Barisan Nasional’s defeat in GE14, at the time of his press conference, reports NST Online.

"I haven't heard from him... He's gone silent," Mahathir quipped when asked whether Najib, who was contesting from Pekan has accepted defeat.

The Pakatan Harapan Chairman also announced that he will be sworn in as Malaysia's 7th prime minister later today, 10 May

"The palace contacted us because they heard we achieved the majority.

"We're going to have the swearing-in ceremony of the prime minister. Then the prime minister at his leisure may appoint his deputy prime minister and the other ministers."

According to Dr Mahathir, the Pakatan Harapan govt will also work towards obtaining a pardon for PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim

"We will work on Anwar Ibrahim's pardon. Once he's pardoned then he's eligible to become prime minister again, but he will have to stand in an election or at least (be appointed as) a senator to be the prime minister," he told reporters.

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In celebration of PH victory, Dr Mahathir has declared 10 and 11 May public holidays:

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