TV3 Newscaster & Jeffrey Cheah's AI-Manipulated Video Circulating To Dupe Malaysians

The video is fake.

Cover image via Facebook

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A video purportedly showing a TV3 newscaster discussing an investment scheme by Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah is circulating on Facebook

The video, however, is fake.

The original footage of the newscaster presenting the Nightline news programme on Friday, 7 June, has been manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) to make it appear as though she is promoting the get-rich-quick investment scheme.

Both the newscaster and TV3 are affiliated with Media Prima Berhad, which also owns SAYS.

In reality, the newscaster was discussing unrelated foreign topics such as the European parliament elections and Hong Kong's tobacco control policies.

The fake video then deceptively cuts to a similarly AI-manipulated interview with Cheah, where he supposedly boasts about a USD900 million investment aimed at making ordinary Malaysians rich.

Given Media Prima's ownership of both TV3 and SAYS under REV Media Group, we caution viewers and readers to be wary of this video and any claims it makes about such investment schemes.

Similarly, The Star's brand identity is also being misused by scammers running multiple misleading advertisements on social platforms

According to the English newspaper, the scam ads promote a similar fraudulent get-rich-quick investment scheme, claiming that Malaysians can earn RM70,000 per month.

Additionally, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has issued a social media advisory, stating that scammers are using the BNM brand identity to promote fraudulent investment schemes.

Be cautious before you believe everything you see on the Internet:

Recently, former national shuttler Datuk Lee Chong Wei warned that a deep fake video of him is circulating on social media:

With online scams becoming increasingly rampant and Malaysians falling victim to them, here's how you can fight back:

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