Twin Sisters Both Score 10As & Now Aim To Study Dentistry Or Medicine Like Their Parents

Their parents are both dentists.

Cover image via Ionpaint (Facebook) & Kwong Wah Daily

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Talk about twinning: Not only did these twin sisters both score 10As in SPM, but they also share similar aspirations to follow in their parents' footsteps to pursue further studies in dentistry or medicine

Emilia Ng Xiao Yun and Elena Ng Xiao Yuan were among 79 students from SMJK Jit Sin, Penang who achieved straight As in SPM.

The twins' excellent achievements were reported by various Chinese local newspapers after the results of the national school-leaving examination were released yesterday, 8 June.

Because both of their parents are dentists, the duo have been interested in dentistry and medicine since young.

According to China Press, the sisters said they want to pursue their tertiary education at local universities.

Elder sister Emilia's first choice is medicine and her second is dentistry, while younger sister Elena's first choice is dentistry and second is medicine.

Elena Ng Xiao Yuan (left) and Emilia Ng Xiao Yun (right) both scored 10As in their SPM.

Image via Kwong Wah Daily

Speaking to the media, the sisters said their eldest brother, who also graduated from SMJK Jit Sin, is currently studying dentistry at a private university

They said that although their parents' profession has had an effect on them from a young age, it is their wish and interest to pursue further studies in healthcare, stressing that they were not forced by their parents.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the duo said although they studied in the same schools since childhood, there is no competition between them. Instead, they would complement each other by studying and doing homework together.

Elena Ng Xiao Yuan (left) and Emilia Ng Xiao Yun (right) both scored 10As in their SPM.

Image via Guang Ming Daily

The school in Bukit Mertajam has often made headlines over the past few years for producing students with excellent results

In August last year, identical twins Yeap Kai Wen and Yeap Kai Wei also scored a perfect cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.0 in STPM, reported Kosmo!

According to Oriental Daily, SMJK Jit Sin's 426 SPM students achieved a 100% pass rate this year. Three students scored a perfect result of 10A+s, while 76 others scored 10As.

A total of 313 candidates obtained 5As and above, accounting for 73.47% of the total candidates.

Yeap Kai Wen and Yeap Kai Wei scored a CGPA of 4.0 in STPM last year.

Image via Kosmo!

SMJK Jit Sin's students posing for a group photo yesterday, 8 June.

Image via 日新国民型中学卓越学校 SMJK Jit Sin SKK (Facebook)

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