Twitter User Alleges Her Friend Was Sexually Harassed By Her Grab Driver Near Subang Jaya

The incident happened late Friday night.

Cover image via Syaza Nadhirah & TODAY Online (edited)

A viral Twitter thread by a Malaysian woman alleges her friend was sexually harassed by a Grab driver around Subang Jaya and Bandar Sunway area in an incident that happened Friday night, 26 April

My friend just got sexually harassed in her Grab home.

"The driver asked if he could touch her even when she repeatedly said no, she even mentioned she was married and the man asked if he could kiss her too. Please please be careful out there ladies," Twitter user, Syaza Nadhirah, said in her tweet last night.

Syaza also shared the details of the alleged Grab driver, adding that the incident happened around Subang Jaya and Bandar Sunway area last night when her friend was taking the Grab home.

The tweet mentioning the Grab driver details has been retweeted over 3.3k times.

According to Syaza's Twitter thread, when the woman went to lodge a report last night, one of the police officers allegedly asked her "what was she wearing and if she was dressed sexily?"

"How can we feel safe when even the police make us feel like it was our fault?

"What we wear, where we sit (front seat/back seat) do not justify nor does it warrant unwanted advances by men. His behaviour was the only thing that is inappropriate, not her clothing," the victim's friend further said.

"During this whole encounter, my friend was in shock and the only thing she could do was inch further away from him in the back seat as the car was moving.

"She could not just leave because the car was in motion," Syaza said in the thread.

To people asking why didn't the victim call someone for help, Syaza explained that her friend's phone was not working at the time

She couldn’t make calls. The only thing she could do was send messages on WhatsApp and she was texting her husband the whole time.

While Grab Malaysia did not directly respond to Syaza's thread, the ride-hailing company acknowledged to another Twitter user that they are "currently in the midst" of investigating the complaint

"Rest assured that our team currently in the midst of investigation regarding this complaint. We will do all we can in order to change this experience for the better," Grab said after a second woman called out the company for failing to screen its drivers.

Meanwhile, in an incident that happened last Friday, 19 April, public in Seberang Perai, Penang, thrashed two Nepali men for allegedly molesting a female Grab driver en route to their drop point:

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