Twitter User's Call To Boycott IKEA Over A Pride Bag Has Spectacularly Backfired

"I agree with your boycott. The next time I go to IKEA, there will be less customers, so I don't have to line up to buy curry puffs."

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A woman's call to boycott IKEA for releasing a carrier bag in celebration of Pride Month has completely backfired in the Malaysian Twittersphere

Over the weekend, the Twitter user shared a poster from an IKEA store in the United States promoting their rainbow-coloured Storstomma bags in support of equality and human rights.

The poster showed that the company pledged to donate 30% of the bag's sales to charities that provide housing and healthcare services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community.

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She called on her followers to boycott the furniture retail company in Malaysia for obviously supporting LGBTQ

"Does IKEA want to see the power of Malaysian boycotting?" wrote the user.

"Take this poster down or we will buy nothing from you, IKEA. From, a Malaysian."

The tweet was quickly deleted after her plan backfired and she received backlash from netizens for being homophobic.

On Sunday, 5 July, she reuploaded a screengrab of the deleted tweet with a new caption but the same stand.

She wrote, "You want to bash me, go ahead. You want to condemn me, go ahead."

"I will block anyone that leaves pornographic videos on my tweet. I will fight LGBT to the end!"

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While the tweet drew criticism again for its homophobic sentiment, many Malaysians chose to reply with creativity and sarcasm

"I'm already boycotting these two," said a netizen who shared pictures of rainbow-coloured ice cream.

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"Please also boycott cats," said another user who posted pictures of a cat holding a rainbow-coloured flag.

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This Twitter user supported her stand to boycott IKEA. He wrote, "The next time I go to IKEA, there will be less customers, so I don't have to line up to buy curry puffs."

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Meanwhile, many other Twitter users chose to flood her replies with pictures of same-sex couples kissing and hugging to promote the message of acceptance

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