UiTM Lecturers Take Matters Of Starving Students Into Their Hands By Giving Free Food

Bless the teachers. :')

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Recently, many Malaysian students in tertiary education claimed that they are poor and often ran out of money to feed themselves

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The issue, after being picked by the local media, escalated quickly

Their complaints not only triggered opposing statements from ministers, university chancellors and student bodies, it even drew flak from the current generation of working adults, who rebuked the students under the hashtag #mahasiswalapar.

However, it appears that some concerned and kindhearted university lecturers have decided to take the matters of these starving students into their own hands. Heartwarming, their action cements our beliefs that there are enough caring Malaysians among us who can and do think about their fellow citizens' wellbeing.

Rather than blame the government or the system, they have taken it upon themselves to try and ease the students' burden by offering free food and drinks.

Without any fanfare or big announcement, the lecturers at UiTM's Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSG) in Tapah have stocked a fridge with sandwiches, mineral water and packet drinks with a notice posted in front asking starving students to help themselves.

After being posted on social media sites on 26 January 2016, the post that displays the lecturers' generous act has so far been shared for over 2,200 times, with more than 3,850 Likes

Following their lead, teachers at UiTM in Segambut have also prepared a care station for their students stocked with free snacks

While there are many who appreciated the kind gesture:

Some chose to point out a typo in one of the notes, that reads 'sandwish'. However, others have found a creative way to justify the spelling error as a combination of 'sandwich' and 'wish' as in an answer to starving students wishes.

All we can say is, bless them kind teachers! :')

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