UK-Based Malaysian Surgeon Dr Amalina Weds English Man At London's Central Mosque

The couple had to postpone their solemnisation three times due to the strict lockdown restrictions.

Cover image via @dramalinabakri(Instagram)

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Earlier today, 3 April, Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri, a Malaysian surgeon who is doing her PhD in Medicine at the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London, announced her solemnisation

The UK-based Malaysian surgeon took to her Instagram to say that she and her English partner Alexander Charles were pronounced man and wife at the London Central Mosque on 31 March.

Their solemnisation ceremony was performed by Imam Sheikh Faid M Said, and was attended by close family and friends that included just six guests as per local COVID-19 guidelines.

In order to have their marriage be legally binding, the couple first had to do a civil registration ceremony at the Southwark Registry Office, a requirement for any marriage in the UK.

The couple had to postpone their plans three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict lockdown restrictions that are in place

They got engaged in June last year after having met at a friend's house three and a half years ago.

Dr Amalina said that they are relieved to have finally managed to go through their simple ceremony.

According to the Malaysian surgeon, their initial plan was to hold multiple receptions, but they are now postponing them until they can be sure that everyone can be there.

"Our initial plan was to do receptions in March (Malaysia) and June (UK) this year, however, we are postponing our wedding receptions until we are sure that everyone can be there," she said.

Dr Amalina shared that while she was sad about her mother not being able to attend the wedding in the UK due to travel restrictions, she is grateful as her mother still managed to witness it via Facetime

"I would have loved to have my mum here, as that was our initial plan (for the originally planned, but later postponed nikah ceremony in January this year), but the restrictions mean she is not allowed to travel. I was sad that she couldn't be here today with me, but it is what it is," she told New Straits Times.

She hopes that once she and her husband are able to come to Malaysia, they will do a reception here.

She also shared how she and Charles "clicked" right away and described her husband as "very respectful, polite, and intelligent"

While speaking to the English daily, Dr Amalina recalled the day they met.

"He is such a smart person, a gentleman, very respectful, polite, and intelligent - all the qualities I love in a man," she shared while looking radiant in a white wedding gown designed by a Malaysian designer Cosry.

Dr Amalina's post has attracted well-wishes from thousands of her fans, who have flooded the comment section with "congratulations!"

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In April last year, she was selected to join a team of scientists from Imperial College to search for the COVID-19 vaccine: