UKM Removes Dress Code Rule Banning Cheongsams And Sarees In Response To Online Criticism

They have since revised the dress code rule for the convocation ceremony.

Cover image via @NewsBFM (Twitter)

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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has removed a dress code policy banning cheongsams and sarees for its convocation ceremony following a public outcry

According to the new guideline published on the UKM website, graduates may wear any traditional attire, no longer specifying which traditional outfits are prohibited.

The guideline stated that female graduates can choose to wear baju kurung, lounge suits, long-sleeved blouses, long skirts, or dark-coloured trousers that cover the ankles.

Meanwhile, male graduates were allowed to wear any type of national attire as long as it is appropriate for a formal convocation ceremony and it covers their ankles.

The dress code guidelines for the UKM convocation ceremony have been updated on their website.

Image via UKM

Previously, UKM faced criticism from the public after it released a dress code policy banning sarees and cheongsams for their convocation

In response to the earlier guideline, lawyer and activist Siti Kassim criticised UKM on her Facebook page, indicating that it was offensive of UKM to dictate which traditional clothing is appropriate or not.

"I really take offense to this because they think they can dictate us on what clothes we can use (wear), especially our traditional clothes," said Siti in a video.

"This is too much. The infiltration, monitoring, and controlling by these people really makes me angry. Speak up and rise people, we have to reject this kind of control over our lives."

She also questioned when sarees or cheongsams have ever been prohibited from being worn by parents or graduates at convocation ceremonies.

Social media users also condemned the dress code policy, claiming that it encourages "supremacist policies".

The dress code policy was released by UKM for its 50th convocation ceremony.

Image via @NewsBFM (Twitter)

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