The Ongoing Venezuela Protests: A Timeline Of Events And Crucial Updates

Venezuelans have taken to the streets in recent days, leading to gruesome clashes between protesters and police. Their demands are varied, from economic to social. This story will guide you with all that's happening in Venezuela.

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3 More People Shot Dead In Fresh Protests In Venezuela With Death Toll Raised To 25

A policeman and two other men were shot dead in separate incidents. In Caracas, Venezuelan government supporters and opposition demonstrators took to the streets to hold rival marches.

An injured protester is helped away in Caracas on March 12.

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The marches mark one month since the current protest movement began - on 12 February. Twenty-five people are now known to have died. The opposition mayor of Valencia, Miguel Cocchiola, said that the city had seen several incidents of violence during the day.

A 42-year old man, Guillermo Sanchez, was painting his house when he was shot in the head by pro-government militias passing on motorbikes, said Mr Cocchiola. There were demonstrations in several Venezuelan cities including Valencia.

Student Jesus Enrique Acosta, 20, was also killed in Valencia. Mr Cocchiola said Mr Acosta was also shot dead by the government groups, known as "colectivos". The other victim was army captain Ernesto Bravo Bracho.The government said he was killed by "criminal terrorists".

Meanwhile, opposition demonstrators marched through the streets of eastern Caracas - an anti-government stronghold - denouncing police brutality and the economic crisis. They called for the release of dozens of jailed activists.

National Guard members arrest an anti-government protester during clashes in the Los Ruices neighborhood of Caracas on Thursday, March 6.

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At the end of the protests, activists threw stones and petrol bombs at the police, who responded with tear gas. Several people were injured. There were demonstrations in several other Venezuelan cities.

enezuelan students clash with riot police during a protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on Wednesday, March 12

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Below Is The Background Story Regarding What's Happening In Venezuela

Ten Days Ago, A Few Hundred Students Marched Into The Streets Of Caracas, Venezuela To Protest Against President Nicolas Maduro And The Chavista Government

Peaceful protests began ten days ago in cities and towns across the country. They are the largest President Maduro has faced in his first year in office.

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Since Then, The Protest Have Grown By The Thousands And Turned Violent

Thousands of demonstrators gather in support of Lopez in Caracas

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Sparked by the violent death of actress and former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, during a roadside robbery, the students have called for Maduro's resignation and an end to the chronic scarcity of basic goods, out of control inflation, and high levels of violence and murder in the country.
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At The Start Of The Protests, Student Leaders Met With Police Officers To Try To Set Rules For The March To Avoid Violence, But The Situation Quickly Devolved. Police Attempted To Disperse The Crowd With Water Cannons And Tear Gas.

Backers of Mr. López were hit by a police water cannons

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Riot Police Have Been Out In Force, Firing Tear Gas And Buckshot At Protesters To Disperse The Crowds

A demonstrator shouts for riot police not to fire tear gas in Caracas

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Seen Here Are Protesters Throwing Objects Amid Tear Gas Launched By Riot Police In The Altamira Neighborhood Of Caracas

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So Far, The Protests Have Claimed About Half A Dozen Lives (The Exact Number Of People Killed In The Protests Is Not Clear). Also, Several Arrests Were Made And Scores Were Injured.

One Of Those Killed During Protests Was Another Young Beauty Queen Named Genesis Carmona. She Was Shot In The Head. She Died Later In A Clinic.

This photo, which witnesses say shows Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona being evacuated from the scene of a protest on Tuesday, is ricocheting around the Web. She died after being shot.

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There Have Been Near-Daily Protests And Rallies, Some Of Them Violent, In The Capital Caracas And Other Cities, Over What Maduro’s Critics Say Are Deteriorating Economic Conditions, Rampant Street Crime, Corruption And Bleak Job Prospects

Barricades set up by opposition protesters block a road in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela

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A protester adds fuel to a fire during clashes with police in Caracas

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Protesters set up a banner that reads in Spanish, "Democracy, Yes. Communism, No," as they build a barricade in the La Boyera neighborhood of Caracas

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Protesters light fires during an anti-government demonstration in Caracas

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Protesters are demanding better security, an end to scarcities, and protected freedom of speech.

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Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro And His Supporters Have Accused his Opponents Of Being Behind Of Acts Of Violence And Vandalism And Causing The Very Problems It Protests

President Nicolas Maduro accuses his opponents of being behind of acts of violence and vandalism

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raises his fist during a rally in Caracas

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Venezuela Is Being Convulsed By The Biggest Protests Since The Country’s Longtime President, The Charismatic Hugo Chávez, Died Nearly A Year Ago. Here's Everything You Should Know About The Ongoing Crisis.

Many protesters are calling for Mr. Maduro to resign, but beyond that, the rallies seem to be general expressions of outrage, often with few specific demands. Even some opposition activists admit to being bewildered about how to direct the anger into concrete political objectives.

A demonstrator blocking the highway outside La Carlota airport.

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So far, Mr. Maduro’s response has been to crack down, but that has only fanned the flames. This week, he expelled three American diplomats, accusing them of recruiting students to take part in violent demonstrations.

Then he arrested an opposition politician, Leopoldo López, saying that he had trained gangs of youths to sow violence in the country as part of a coup to overthrow the government.

Lopez is escorted by members of the Venezuelan National Guard on Tuesday, February 18, after turning himself in to authorities.

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Thousands of people turned out in Caracas on Tuesday to accompany Mr. López as he surrendered to the authorities.

Parts of the capital, Caracas, and some other cities have become battlegrounds. National guard soldiers on motorcycles patrol Caracas at night, using tear gas and rubber bullets to drive off protesters who block streets with barricades of burning trash.

Many protesters say they are simply fed up with the country’s bitter divide. “I’m here because I’m tired of the crime, of the shortages, tired of having to stand on line to buy anything,” said María Luchón, 21, at a recent rally. “I’m tired of the politicians of both sides.”

Supporters of Leopoldo Lopez gathered outside the Palace of Justice to show their opposition to his detention

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