This Malaysian Husband's Sacrifice For His Wife's Life Is What True Love Is Made Of

It's not easy to let go of your prised possessions.

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Meet Mohamad Shahril Sabari, better known as Victor Engku Shah

In 2010, he began collecting Star Wars Lego sets

Fast-forward to 2015, Victor married Noor Azra on 24 April

However, two weeks later, the newly-wed couple found out that Noor has lymphoma (cancerous blood cell tumors) on her neck. Following her diagnosis, doctors at KPJ Seremban advised Noor to begin chemotherapy treatments. While her chemo treatments were about to began, there were more challenges in store for the couple.

"Noor Azra was two months pregnant. We were so happy, but our happiness was short-lived. Doctors advised Noor Azra to have an abortion prior to chemotherapy as the risks were too great for her and the child. She went through the abortion with a very heavy heart and then began her chemotherapy," Victor told The Star's Tan Yi Liang.

Following which, Victor also had to leave his job as a finance officer. He needed to help his wife full-time with her cancer treatments.

"Each dose of the chemotherapy drugs is about RM5,000. Noor Azra needs 12 sessions - once every two weeks - and the estimated total cost comes up to RM60,000," said Victor. He added that he had to raise funds because their insurance only covered RM70,000 worth of treatments per year while the biopsy cost RM25,000.

So how did he raise funds for Noor's treatments?

Victor started selling off his Star Wars Lego collection at the Amcorp Mall flea market.

He travels from Seremban to Petaling Jaya every Sunday to sell off his prized collection.

The Star's Tan Yi Liang, who had heard about Victor and his stall through LCMLUG, a Lego group he is part of on Facebook, wrote that Victor's "love and sacrifice for Noor Azra is certainly admirable, respectable and definitely worth supporting."

And Victor is grateful to his friends for all their help. Speaking to Tan, he said:

"Thankfully, I have been able to work things out with the help from my friends in LBK Malaysia, Lego Auction Group MY and LCMLUG. They have helped out with contributions of financial support and even Lego items for me to auction off."

Victor's Limited Edition Coca Cola Starwars Episode III.

Image via Victor Engku Shah

PS: In case you would like to help Victor, he can be found on Amcorp Mall's second floor every Sunday. H/t The Star.

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