[VIDEO] Couple Attacks Security Guards For Not Watching Their Kid They Left Alone

The couple shouted profanities at the guards, calling them irresponsible and stupid.

Cover image via Twitter

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A video of a couple verbally assaulting security guards recently went viral on social media

The incident took place at Residensi SkyAwani in Sentul.

The two-minute and 44-second clip was recorded by one of the security guards involved in the whole fiasco and it has been circulating on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Image via Twitter

In the video, the couple can be seen shouting profanities at the guards.

They said that the guards were irresponsible for leaving their child alone.

One of the guards then responded, "Oh, it's a security guard's duty to take care of someone else's child?" 

Image via Twitter

He also claimed that the couple threatened to file a report against him.

The father of the child then said, "You're stupid. You didn't study, that's why you're a security guard."

The security guard then replied, "You're the stupid one!"

After a heated exchange of words, the couple then left.

Image via Twitter

The management has issued a statement regarding the incident

On Wednesday, 27 October, the management posted a poster on Facebook and wrote, "According to research, 73% of security officers experience physical or verbal abuse while on the job. Today, one incident happened at Block B whereby one family of new tenants in Residensi SkyAwani harassed one of our security officers."

The management explained that the couple had left their child at the security desk while the security guards were on duty and were about to patrol the block.

"Based on CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage, the tenants had acted, insulting the security officers for not taking care of their children, using abusive words as well as attempting to commit physical abuse," they added in the post.

"Action will be taken against these rude tenants and the owner of the unit. The police have been notified of the incident for a follow-up investigation. Please note that childcare duties are not specified within the scope of security duties in the contract."

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