[VIDEO] Elderly Man Kicked Off His Bike By Another Motorcyclist In Penang

The incident happened in the Gurney Drive area on 18 February.

Cover image via Penang Online/Facebook

An elderly man in Penang was injured after he was kicked off his bike by another motorcyclist

It was learned that the incident happened in the Gurney Drive area yesterday, 18 February.  

According to Timur Laut district police chief ACP Anuar Omar, the 60-year-old man had just left the mosque to make his way back home, which was not too far away from where the incident took place. 

Anuar said that the man was riding alone on his motorcycle when he was suddenly kicked off his vehicle by another motorcyclist who overtook him before speeding off during the 3pm incident. 

The man lost his balance and fell off his motorcycle onto the road

It was learned that the man sustained several injuries to the body and suffered from chest pain following the incident. 

He is in a stable condition after he was sent to the Penang hospital for medical treatment. 

A video of the incident, which was captured on a dashboard camera, has been circulating on social media

The victim's son lodged a police report on the incident at about 5pm yesterday

Based on initial investigations, the victim was not involved in any dispute with any individual before the incident took place. 

"A witness, a woman, has come forward to give her statement and to hand over the original video clip, which was recorded by her vehicle's camera.

"We will check the suspect's number plate from the video clip," Anuar said, as reported by Malaysiakini.

It was reported that the real motive of the incident is currently being investigated and the authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

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