Watch Malaysian Shoppers Storm A Uniqlo Outlet And Climb On Racks For KAWS T-Shirts

The popular collection was re-released on Friday, 30 August.

Remember when shoppers in China stampeded and stripped off mannequins just to get their hands on Uniqlo's limited edition KAWS collection?

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Looks like Malaysians are taking a leaf out of their book for the collection's re-release last Friday, 30 August.

In a video that has gone viral, frenzied shoppers at a mall in Puchong were seen rushing and shoving each other to get into a Uniqlo outlet.

The fashion retailer recently announced the return of selected items from the 'KAWS: Summer' collection, which was initially released and almost instantaneously snapped up in June. 

The jaw-dropping video, uploaded by local YouTuber Sammicci, has been viewed over 898,000 times on Facebook at the time of writing.

A young man even climbed onto a shelf to choose and hog some T-shirts on an upper rack. Despite other shoppers shouting at him for his behaviour, the man remained unfazed and even threw a T-shirt to another shopper among the crowd.

Sammicci noted that the entire rack of T-shirts were all snapped up in two minutes, leaving hangers and display cards strewn all over the floor

Someone even lost a shoe. 

In another video posted by Twitter user @mrandmrsaidil, shoppers at another Uniqlo outlet were also seen scrambling to get their hands on the limited edition T-shirts and tote bags

You can watch Sammicci's video here:

// This is too crazy @uniqlomyofficial Full video link :

Posted by Sammicci on Thursday, 29 August 2019

Here's a recap of what happened in China and Malaysia when the 'KAWS: Summer' collection was first released:

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