[VIDEO] Man Attacks Security Guard After His Car Gets Clamped For Parking In OKU Spot

The attack, involving a security guard and a 24-year-old man, took place at Jalan Gombak on 20 October.

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Videos of a man attacking a security guard at KL Traders Square, Jalan Gombak over a parking dispute yesterday, 20 October have gone viral

According to Harian Metro, the incident happened at 1.30pm yesterday.

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The assailant was seen using a golf club to knock the security guard's head repeatedly, while the latter and another man tried to stop the attack.

The man attacked the security guard because he had clamped his car, which was parked in a disabled parking spot

The security guard, who is in his 30s, was patrolling the area when he found a grey Honda Jazz parked in an OKU spot. He then clamped the car.

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About half an hour later, he was approached by two men. 

The duo asked him to unclamp the car, but he told them to head to the management office to pay the fine first.

The duo also tried to break the clamp and one of them grew angry when the security guard tried to stop them

The man suddenly started punching the security guard's face and took a golf club from inside his car, said Wangsa Maju District Police Chief Supt Rajab Ahad.

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"He used it to hit the security guard's right arm and face," he added.

Rajab said the other man tried to stop the assailant from attacking, reported The Star.

The security guard from Nepal was rushed to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment

The suspect, identified as a 24-year-old man from Terengganu, was arrested later that night at 10pm.

Berita Harian reported that the man has a previous record for a drug offence.

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The case is currently investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means.

If convicted, the suspect will face imprisonment for up to 10 years, with whipping, a fine, or any two of such punishments.

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