[VIDEO] Netizens Praise Police For Telling Off Stubborn Teenager Who Keeps Defying MCO

The police chief challenged the boy to do well in his studies instead.

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Netizens are thanking a police officer for giving a teenager a harsh scolding after he was caught disobeying the law multiple times

According to Malay Mail, the teenager in Perak was caught violating the Movement Control Order (MCO) multiple times over the last few days.

His mother had complained to the Lenggong police station about her son's refusal to listen to her, which made head inspector Mohd Ropiza Hassan take it upon himself to head to their house to advise the young man.

The video which was shared by Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has been making rounds on social media since it was posted on Monday, 6 April.

The almost two-minute video shows the head inspector telling off the young man for defying the authorities, not for the first time

He warned the youngster that he could lock him up if he required monitoring to comply with the law.

"This is the third or fourth time! Think for yourself! Since you don't want to listen to your mum or your uncle," chided the police officer.

Mohd Ropiza then advised the teenager to study hard during the MCO, so he could better himself and help his family in the future.

"Study hard, you're the eldest son in your family, haven't you thought about that? With no father. And all the government has simply asked you to do is stay at home and read some books," he said sternly.

"Meet me at Balai Lenggong in five years and tell me when you've been accepted into an IPTA (public university), I challenge you."

It was reported by Malay Mail that no arrest was made. But the police chief merely told the young man to listen to the advice, and that he wanted him to succeed in furthering his studies.

The police officer's frustration was palpable as the authorities have been hard at work keeping the public safe from COVID-19

It was reported by The Star today, 8 April, that 66 police officers have tested positive for COVID-19 while enforcing the MCO.

Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department director Datuk Seri Acryl Sani said a total of 1,225 personnel have been quarantined at home as of 7 April.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook, with over 900 shares and 6,000 reactions, with people commending the officer for the lesson

"Firm yet caring. Hope the boy understands. Perhaps the officer can visit him next time for a more relaxed conversation so that the boy can better understand that it was for his own good," said a Facebook user.

"You have the responsibilities of being the oldest child, adik. Stay strong even though your father has passed. I wish you can succeed in changing the fate for your family," encouraged another user.

While this netizen just said, "Hope the guy wakes up. He was lucky to meet this officer."

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