Viral Video Shows The Scary Moment A Hungry Tiger Chased After A Motorcyclist

After the tiger failed to attack the motorcyclist, it retreated back into the woods.

Cover image via Youtube

A video was recently uploaded showing a Bengal tiger trying to pursue a motorcyclist and his pillion rider in India

The video of the incident took place at Nagarhole National Park, southern India and was uploaded on 30 June, Sunday. 

The national park is a forest reserve that is home to about 72 Bengal tigers with a single lane road built for passing through.

Image via Youtube

In the video, the tiger can be seen running towards the motorcyclist as they were passing through the park

The pillion rider took out his phone to record the event when the tiger emerged out of the jungle.

After it failed to catch up to the motorcycle, the tiger retreated back into its habitat.

It is reported that tigers can run up to about 60 kilometres per hour. 

This is not the first time such an incident occurred in the area

According to NST Online, four people were killed in the park and in Bandipur in 2013. 

One of them was a farmer who was attacked outside Bandipur after stepping out to answer a call at night. 

Meanwhile, two villagers who lived nearby outside the national park were killed while a forest watcher was also killed after stepping out to answer a call at night. 

In 2015, two farmers were killed by a male tiger at the border of the forest. One of them was a woman who was feeding her livestock at that time. 

Image via WWF

Since 2008, the Bengal tiger has been listed as an endangered species, with only about 2,500 left in the wild

According to WWF, the Bengal tigers are at the top of the food chain in the wild and are vital in ensuring the sustainability of the forest reserves. With every one tiger, 25,000 acres of forest are protected.

Due to the increase in poaching activities in Asia, tigers are facing a higher risk of endangerment. 

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