Video Shows A Mum Fighting A Man Who Tried To Flip Her Table While She's Eating

The incident happened at a Bugis Street eatery.

Cover image via Alex Lim

A five-minute and 22-second-long mobile clip uploaded on Facebook by a guy named Alex Lim on Friday has now gone viral

In the video, which has close to 13,000 shares, a man is seen making a scene at an eatery on Bugis Street, Singapore, according to a report in Mothership.

The man is wearing a black t-shirt with the word 'security' written on the back of it.

The unidentified man is seen yelling and going around the tables in the eatery, trying to pick a fight, while a lady, who appears to be a staff of the eatery, dressed in a black t-shirt is seen trying to keep the man, who appears agitated, in check.

Image via Alex Lim

The man continues with his behaviour for over two and a half minutes in the video. Meanwhile, a mother sitting at a nearby table with her son and companion tries to ignore the agitated man.

However, it's when the man wearing the 'security' t-shirt gets more agitated and tries to flip the table the young mum is sitting at with her son that all hell breaks lose.

Image via Alex Lim

The young mum instantly gets up from her chair, shouting and picking up the chair to throw at the man. However, the lady in the black t-shirt grabs the chair of the mum's hand and places it down.

Image via Alex Lim

The mum then picks up a drink and throws at the man

At which point, the agitated man tries to apologise to the mum, saying:

Sorry ma’am, sorry, ok? Sorry!

To which she tells him to be careful as to how he behaves, adding that her son is there.

At about four and half-minute into the video, police officers are seen arriving. They question the man while trying to calm him down.

Watch the full video here:


Posted by Alex Lim on Friday, 19 April 2019

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